Home charging

Home charging is the next important step in the evolution of mobility with electric vehicles. It is the answer to many of the challenges facing the transition to sustainable forms of mobility. With the ability to charge at home, electric cars become more affordable and flexible for consumers.

By building the necessary home infrastructure today, you ensure smart, emission-free and affordable eco-mobility.

The Advantages of Home Charging

  • Time and Cost Savings: When you charge your electric vehicle at home, you don't need to visit a public charging station. This saves you valuable time and money as you don't have to pay for using public chargers.
  • Convenience: Waking up every morning with a fully charged vehicle in your garage means you always have a ready and fully functional vehicle for your commute.
  • Increased Range: Home charging enables you to charge your vehicle every day. Thus, you keep your battery level high, offering you increased autonomy and independence from gas stations.

 Household Charging Items


In home charging there are two main categories:

  • Charging from a Conventional Socket (Level 1): The simplest form of home charging is to plug your electric vehicle into a conventional outlet. This process is slow, but if you don't have high demands on autonomy and have enough time, it can be an easy solution.
  • Charging from a Fast Charger (Level 2): Fast chargers are installations that can charge your vehicle faster than a conventional outlet. Level 2 charging levels offer greater efficiency and are ideal for charging your electric car overnight.

The Evolution of Mobility

Electric vehicles are emerging as the viable alternative to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. Driving with electric cars offers substantial benefits, from reducing greenhouse emissions to improving the quality of the air we breathe. However, to make the transition to electrification even easier and more affordable, home charging plays a critical role.

Home charging installation

So if you're thinking about buying an electric vehicle, consider installing home charging as well. This step can change the way you look at commuting and make everyday driving more sustainable and convenient.